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How Visible are YOU Online?

GET YOUR ONLINE VISIBILITY rating in an instant!

When someone in your local area uses the Internet to find a dentist or look for dental treatment, which dental practice are they most likely to see?

Will it be you? Or will it be one of your competitors?


We have developed a unique tool to help you to find out. It is called The Visibility Index. This unique tool shows you just which dental practices are the most visible online in your local area.

Visibility is measured across a number of criteria – not just Google. Lots of people search for what they are looking for on Google, of course they do – but many do not! They find what they want on a Social Media platform, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or, maybe, they go straight to a special interest site about one of the subjects they are interested in, be it work or leisure. Your “Visibility” online is the extent to which you are likely to be seen by all Internet users who are likely to be interested in your services, regardless of where they spend their time online.

Using a range of criteria (not just Google), our unique index shows you which dental practices are most likely to be getting the lion’s share of online visitors from all online sources. This includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and other social media platforms, blogs, newspaper and magazine websites and special interest websites.

The Visibility Index takes into account ALL online marketing opportunities. So, even if you are appearing as Number 1 on the Google search listings page (and well done if you are!), be aware that your competitors may still have more overall online visibility.

GET YOUR ONLINE VISIBILITY score in an instant! Just enter your postcode below and click ‘Submit’.


Simply enter your postcode and click ‘Submit’. You will then see a list of dental practices in your local area ordered by the most visible first.  In other words, the higher the Visibility Rating, the more likely you are to be found online by people searching for dental services in your local area. You can change the distance from your practice if you want to see your competitors from further afield. You can click on the pins on the map to see the details and website address of your competitors. FYI – the map does not show on mobile devices.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for indicative purposes only. If you don’t find your practice listed this can mean:

  • You don’t have your own website e.g. your online presence is an NHS listing, a Facebook page or a Google plus page. These don’t count for the purpose of this exercise

  • Your website is not properly indexed – so it’s not being seen online

  • Your Visibility Rating is less than 15 (due to space reasons we have had to exclude every practice with a rating less than this)

If you can’t see your site all is not lost. Please request a free Visibility Assessment Report. This will give you a more bespoke and accurate assessment of your Visibility Rating regardless of what it is!




So what does your score mean? Here are a few explanatory notes:

Place in the list

The most important thing the score shows is how you are ranking in comparison to your local competitors. If you are at the top of the list then you are the most visible online in your local area (for the postcode you selected). In some ways the most important thing is not the score itself, but where this places you in the list. The higher the better.

Score Number

Whilst your place in the list is the most important thing, the number also shows how well you are marketing yourself online.

Over 70: well done! You are above average and are probably pay proper attention to your online marketing and are not resting on your laurels

60-70: you have a good online presence, but perhaps think about what’s next for you and how you can get over 70.

40-60: you are doing OK – but you are vulnerable to your competitors ‘waking up’ and getting serious about their online marketing

Below 40: you are likely to be having problems being found online so need to start thinking about your online marketing. Take advantage of our FREE consultation call.